Lisbon. Sundays at the LX Factory: LX Market.

LX Factory flea market

LX Factory market

LX Factory sunday market

The LX Factory has quickly become one of my favourite spots in Lisbon and I make sure to visit everytime I’m in the city. Last September during our stay in Lisbon we went there on a Sunday, just like i did on my first visit to the LX Factory in May 2012. During that first visit I was kinda overwhelmed with everthing there is to see at the factory, this time I could focus more on the weekly market that runs along the main street. Vendors sell everthing from jewelry, to furniture, to vintages clothes and food. While most of the shops of the factory are closed on Sundays, the cafes are open, so it’s a great spot to have brunch and then stroll along the market.

LX Factory Sunday Market Lisboa LX Factory Market Lisbon LX Factory Main Street

The LX Factory is located under the bridge 25 de Abril on Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103 in Alcantara.

Open every Sunday between 11.00 and 6.00 pm, more on

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