Milan. The flea market along the canals in Navigli.

Flea Market along Naviglio Grande in MilanWhile visiting Italy last month to see The Floating Piers at Lake Iseo I had one full day to spare and I decided to spend it in Milan. I had been there last year in June and had fallen in love with the Navigli district. Two canals are the heart of this neighborhood and they are lined with lots of bars, restaurants and cafés.

After arriving at Milano Centrale (so beautiful!) I took the metro over to Porta Geneva, right at the western end of Navligli. And when I walked out of the metro station I found myself in the middle of a huge flea market. It stretched all along the canals and the street leading from and to them. It was buzzing with people, the cafés along the canals were packed and the sun was shining and no cloud in sight. How I love Sundays at a flea market!

Flea Market along Naviglio Grande Milan Flea Market along Naviglio Grande Naviglio Flea Market

Vendors sold everything from antiques to carpets, paintings and jewelry. I strolled along the canals for quite a while until the midday sun became unbearable. Last year I went to Mercato Metropolitano – a very hip farmers and street food market at Porta Geneva – for a snack and iced coffee but this time it was unfortunately closed (apparently it moved to Torino?!).

Milan Flea Market in Navligi Milan flea market Milan Sunday Flea Market

I had read beforehand I about two places at Naviglio I was keen to visit: God save the food and Taglio. I decided to try God Save The Food and was very happy about it: they have great fresh juices and my eggs florentine with a baked potato were also delicious. It’s right behind Porta Geneva on Via Tortona 34.

After returning back to the flea market for a while I headed to the center to see the Duomo and the Galeria Vittorio Emanuele and then visited Pirelli HangarBicocca: I blogged about it here.

During my time in Italy I stayed in Bergamo at this B&B. Trains from Bergamo to Milan run hourly and take about 50 minutes, one way tickets are about 5€. A day ticket for the Milan metro costs 4,5€.

2 thoughts on “Milan. The flea market along the canals in Navigli.

  1. Looks like a great flea market, with lots of interesting things to view. Did you find the prices very expensive? My experience is that some flea markets are really priced for tourists, and therefore overpriced, while the ones targeting a more local market are more reasonable.

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