Los Angeles. Silver Lake. A photo diary

In March I spent 2 weeks in Los Angeles and for one week I stayed in Silver Lake. I rented a small AirBnB up on the hill and spent most mornings wandering around the neighborhood, admiring all the different architecture and vegetation Silver Lake has to offer. All the stairs up and down the hills make for a good work out and then there’s also the reservoir (actually 2 of them) to walk or jog around.  Sunset Blvd is lined with cute cafés, restaurants and shops and with the bus lines 2 and 4 stopping along Sunset it was easy to get to other places like Hollywood or Downtown.

Silver Lake is a perfect place to stay during a relaxed holiday in Los Angeles and I can’t wait to go back!

My bus stop at Sunset & Micheltorena
Another pretty palm tree-lined street seen from Sunset Blvd
Sunset Junction with the Intelligentsia Coffee shop
The churro croissant at Intelligentsia was so good!
The Ivanhoe Reservoir (the smaller reservoir next to the Silver Lake Reservoir) at morning
Silver Lake has the coolest cars! Proof 1 …
… 2 …
… 3 …
… 4. It also has the best cacti …

The view over the reservoir from the Swan Place stairs in the early morning …
… and to the Downtown skyline.
Living on top of a hill makes you walk many, many stairs each day…
… but it also offers the best and unexpected views each time.

I loved the street art on the stairs around Silver Lake. These are the Micheltorena stairs.
The Reservoir at sunset.

The Chandelier Tree – so pretty!
… and a meter for donations for the upkeep.
Obey Giant mural near Trader Joes / Hyperion Blvd
A pretty sunset from my AirBnB terrace.


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