Portugal. A 8-hour layover in Lisbon.


On my way to Madrid last week I had a 8-hour long layover in Lisbon, Portugal. After storing my luggage at the airport I took the metro to the city center and had about 5 hours left before I had to return to the airport.


I had a late breakfast a Nicolau, a super cute new café in the downtown neighborhood Baixa. I chose the Nicolau pancakes with raspberries and mascarpone – super delicious! The coffee comes with sugar packages with little sayings, I like those small details.



Afterwards I took the tram No. 28 up to the Alfama and stopped by Portas do Sol to enjoy the view:



The I walked over to Patio de Dom Fradrique – a small area of ruins and abandoned houses with lots of graffiti and random art installations. It’s so worth going there and explore a little bit.




My next street art stop was the neighborhood Graça to see a new mural there: a collaboration between Vhils and Sherpard Fairey. On my way I walked past Vhils’ “mural” of Fado singer Amalia Rodrigues:


Then I found the collaboration piece on Rua da Senhora da Gloria and it was all kinds of amazing:


And I also walked past this cute “fairytale” mural:


From Graça I walked downhill to Largo do Intendente, a small square I came to know and love last year. The shop A Vida Portuguesa is probably the prettiest shop I’ve ever been to, there are so many cute details:




Afterwards it was time to get back to the airport to fly to Madrid. I loved the caricatures of famous Portuguese in the newly opend metro station:




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