NYC. Brooklyn. Coney Island Art Walls.

This year I finally got to see the Coney Art Walls: an outdoor museum of street art curated by Joseph Sitt and Jeffrey Deitch, right in the middle of the Coneys Island amusement parks. About 35 walls feature some of todays best street artist – including many of my favourites such as Tristan Eaton, Lady Aiko, How & Nosm, Retna and D*Face. Here’s what I saw when I visited at the end of August:

Buffmonster-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn D-Face-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn How-Nosm-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn Ganzeer-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn Eine-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn D-Face-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn Tats-Cru-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn Ron-English-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn John-Ahearn-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn Lady-Aiko-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn Miss-Van-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn RETNA-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn Tristan-Eaton-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn The-London-Police-Coney-Island-Art-Walls-Brooklyn

The walls are now closed for the season and will (hopefully) return in spring 2018. You can find more information and photos of all murals on their website:

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