NYC. A perfect Sunday in Brooklyn.

This year my first full day in NYC was a Sunday and whether I’m at home or traveling Sundays are my favourite!

I started my day with a cold brew and a muffin at the super cute caf├ę Dot & Line in Boerum Hill.

After breakfast I walked along Wyckoff Street to see the mosaic house (No. 108) of which I had heard so much. It’s owned by Susan Gardner who decorates it piece by piece since 2001. The mosaic – that now stretches up to the second floor – is made of anything from glass to buttons, CD pieces, shells and beads.

I strolled more to through Boerum Hill and then crossing Atlantic Avenue to Brooklyn Heights which is such a beautiful and quite neighborhood. I walked past Love Lane (how I wish to live on a street called Love Lane!) and stopped by College Place to glance at the old carriage houses.

Afterwards I headed to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and waved hi at the Manhattan skyline.

Walking over the newly restored Squibb Bridge I landed it Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is always a good spot to see public art. Until October Anish Kapoor’s installation “Decension” was on view. You can find information about current artworks here.

Anish-Kapoor-decension-Brooklyn-Bridge-ParkI spent some hours lying on the lawn in front of the Brooklyn Bridge while reading about Brooklyn (in this book).

I also stopped by the Empire Stores which had recently opened. There’s a roof terrace that offers beautiful views over the two bridges, the park and Jane’s Carousel.

Then I walked into Dumbo to visit the Brooklyn Flea which has become my weekend tradition in NYC. Unfortunately the flea lost its original location in Fort Greene and I never liked the fleas location in Williamsburg, so the location under the Manhattan Bridge Arch is the best choice in my opinion.

After a little bit of shopping I got a donut from Dough and an iced coffee and I went back to the park and Pebble Beach to read, relax and people watch a bit more.

Definitely a Sunday well spent!

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