Los Angeles. Murals in DTLA

Fin DAC on Winston Street in Downtown Los Angeles…findac-mural-downtown-los-angeles

… and next to it one from Christina Angelina:Christina Angelina in DTLA

“The Pope of Broadway” was painted in 1985 and recently restored:pope-of-broadway-mural-downtown-los-angeles

An Audrey Hepburn mural on Winston Street. Another Audrey mural by Free Humanity can be found here.Audrey-Hepburn-mural-by-free-humanity-in-los-angeles

Right in front of it:img_2272

A Vhils & JR collaboration on Spring Street:Vhils-JR-streetart-downtown-los-angeles

Retna in an alley next to 7th Street:retna-mural-alley-downtown-los-angeles

Tristan Eaton in the Arts District:tristan-eaton-mural-arts-district-container-yard-los-angeles

And another one on Traction Avenue:img_2163

“Ain’t easy” by It’s A Living:img_2181

Claudio Ethos on Spring Street:img_2107

Another one from JR, part of his “Wrinkles of the City” series…img_2108

… and this one too:img_1724

At the Container Yard in the Arts District:img_2183

Also at the Container Yard:img_2184

Murals in Venice Beach are in these Posts: 1/2/3/4  and from the Arts District here and here.

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