Stockholm. Yayoi Kusama “In Infinitiy” at the Modern Musuem.

The main reason for me to visit Stockholm last July was seeing the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the Moderna Museet. I’m a fan of the japanese artist since 2012 when I was in New York during the “Summer of Kusama“: the Whitney Museum held a retrospective of the Japanese artist, there were 2 public installations of her art downtown and Louis Vouitton had just launched a collection with her signature dots. I waited outside the Whitney Museum in the midday heat for two hours to get my ticket for the exhibit and then waited another two hours to see the infinity room “Fireflies on the water”. I was absolutely mesmerized by the infinity room, even though you were only allowed in the room for 60 seconds. It was an experience I’ll probably never forget.

In the summer months I’ve seen so many pictures of Yayoi Kusamas infinity room at the Broad Museum in LA and I so want to go and experience it again, but a trip to LA just wasn’t possible at the time. By coincidence I read about the Kusama exhibit in Stockholm’s Modern Museum that includes 3 (!) infinity rooms and I knew I had to go. I found cheap(ish) flights and stayed in Stockholm for 2 days – you can read the full recap here.


The Moderna Museet is located on an island with a few other museums. Admission to the collection of the museum is free, special exhibits – like this one – cost around 15€.

What I loved about the exhibit was that the whole museum was decked out with her signature dots: the entrance, the trees in the garden, a huge dotted pumpkin in the lobby and the cashiers wore black shirts with white dots.



There were three infinity rooms: Phalli field…

Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama, "In Infinity" exhibit, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden


… Mirror Room (Pumpkin) …Yayoi-Kusama-in-infinity-modern-museet-infinity-room-2 Yayoi-Kusama-in-infinity-modern-museet-infinity-room-3

and my favorite: Hymn of Life.

yayoi-kusama-hymn-of-life yayoi-kusama-infinity-room-hymn-of-life

Besides those three infinity rooms the exhibit showed paintings, photographs and sculputers from the past decades.





The exhibit in Stockholm ended in September and is now at Helsinki’s Art Museum until January 22, 2017.

Now on view at the Moderna Museet ist “Thomas Schütte: United Enemies” which should be equally good.

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