Lisbon. My favourite neighborhood: Bairro Alto



Bairro Alto has always been my favorite neighborhood in Lisbon and I love to stay there whenever I’m in town. During the past visits I stayed at:

I can recommend all of this places, but Pensao Londers is my favourite.

Most tourist only come to Bairro Alto in the evening to eat in one of the many restaurant with tables outside in narrow and sometimes steep cobble-toned streets. Even more come in the nights when most of the streets are full with people drinking beer, wine or caipirinha out in the streets before heading to a club later that night. Beer is as cheap as 1€ per cup and Caipirinha 3€.

But Bairro Alto is just as amazing (if not more amazing!) during the day. It’s the complete opposite of what you see at night: old residents standing on the street chatting with neighbors, women are grocery shopping in one of the many little shops, laundry hanging outside the windows to dry and there are almost no tourists around that time of the day. In the morning and until the afternoon Bairro Alto still feels like a little village.


Another great advantage of Bairro Alto is its location: it’s close to the metro stop Baixa/Chiado, 2 funiculars (Elevador da Bica and Elevador da Gloria) and the famous tram 28.


The adjacent neighborhoods are also worth a visit: Principe Real with its park, Quiosques and hip shops (I love Embaixada) …


… Bica with the funicular and one of the best views at Adamastor

Lisbon sunset view

… and Carmo with its steep and narrow streets leading down to the Baixa:



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