Lisbon. Exploring Largo do Intendente.

Largo do Intendente is a beautiful square in the city center, a short walk from Martim Moniz along Avenida Almirante Reis. The square was a bit run down and was used as a parking lot but got recently remodeled and now shines in all its glory again.

The square is surrounded by houses with the most beautiful tile facades and has a “micro park” in its center made by portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos (whose artwork “Trafaria Praia” is cruising the Tagus again).

One of the main attractions of Largo do Indentente is the shop “A Vida Portugesa” which sells products made in Portugal and is one of the cutest shops I’ve been to! They offer everything from table ware to soaps, small furniture, stationary, canned fish, blankets, carpets and so much more. It perfect to buy some typical portuguese products to bring home.

We stayed “Largo Artist Residencies” right at the square and had the most spacious and beautiful room overlooking Intendente. Double rooms (with a shared bathroom) are as cheap as 45€ per night and are one of the best deals you can find in Lisbon: clean, spacious, old furniture mixed with modern features, super friendly and helpful staff and a great location. I highly recommend staying there!

There are few cafes around the square, our favourite was “O das Joanas” which offer a delicious brunch. And then there’s Casa Independente –  a cultural venue and hipster hangout with a beautiful terrace and a room with a stage and dance floor for live music and parties.

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