Cologne. Around here lately.

A few photos from around my neighborhood, Cologne City Center
and of a few places near Cologne from the past months.

1. my godchild’s birthday in the park // 2. -5. around my neighborhood // 6. a mural near Rheinauhafen // 7. -8. open air cinema at Rheinauhafen // 9.-10. sunset at Chlodwigplatz // 11.-12. Edelweisspriatenfest – a little festival in my neighborhood // 13. our Cathedral // 14. Ehrenstrasse – one of the main shopping streets on a sunday // 15.-16. in the old town // 17. Claes Oldenburgs “dropped cone” at Neumarkt // 18. arriving back home in Cologne after a day with the family // 19. Bochum Total Festival // 20. countryside near my parents place // 21. a day at the lake – Bleibtreu See



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