Plans for Italy. June 2016.

Last weekend I read about Christo’s newest project in Italy: The floating piers on Lake Iseo in northern Italy. I visited his installation “Big Air Package” in Oberhausen, Germany a few years ago and was always sad that I didn’t get to see more of his artworks such as the wrapping of the Reichstag or “The Gates” in Central Park. So I decided if I can get cheap(ish) flights and accommodation in Italy I’ll just book the trip and ‘walk over water’ – it’ll be a once in a life time experience.

christo big air package oberhausen_1969

There was only a little time frame in which I could go: I had already booked and planned my birthday trip to Paris and have a few appointments scheduled for the first weekend of July (which is the last weekend of the floating piers). But as many times before I was lucky to find cheap flights with Ryanair to Milan Bergamo Airport for a total of 35 Euros! I decided to stay in Bergamo for three nights and there were still some cute and cheap B&Bs available for those days.

With two full days I will not only head to Lago d’Iseo but also get to spend a day in Milan, where I spent my birthday last year and I’m super excited to go back.


Here’s what I have planned:

  • Walking on the water, of course
  • Relax and enjoy and the calmness of the lake. I visited Lake Como last year and loved it, hopefully Lago d’Iseo will be just as nice
  • Explore Bergamo a little bit- it looks beautiful!
  • Revisit the places in Milan I really liked last time: Mercato Metropolitano at Porta Geneva, the Navliglio neighborhood and the beautiful yet confusing train station “Milano Centrale”
  • See Claes Oldenburgs public artwork “Needle, Thread and Knot” at Piazzale Cadorna in Milan
  • Visit HangarBicocca, a former Pirelli factory turned into an exhibition hall. There’s a huge Carsten Hoeller exhibit on view right now I cannot wait to see it!
  • Eat lots of pizza and pasta and drink lots of italian coffee and buy me some Bacis. My dad used to bring those chocolates back from business trips to Italy and they’re just the best!

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