Paris. Plans for June 2016.

I had played with the idea of going to Paris for my birthday for a while but decided not to do it because I had traveled so much already this year (and spend a lot if money on it) . But then I saw on Instagram that french street artist JR was working on a project at the Louvre and that Frank Gehry’s masterpiece the Fondation Luis Vuitton – which I had visited on my last trip to Paris in December 2014– will be decorated with colorful panels from May on, I was hooked on going there again. And when the French railway company SNCF released tickets for just 20€ from my hometown Cologne to Paris all reasonable doubts went overboard and I booked the trip!

I’ll stay 3 days in the city of love: arriving at noon on the first day and leaving in the afternoon on the third. I first imagined myself having no plans at all except for the two above mentioned exhibits and just wandering the streets of Paris, sitting in cafés eating croissants and drinking café au lait.

But as always I started to browse the internet, read blogs, looked at the Pinterest board for my last trip and spent way to much time on Instagram. Within a few hours I had a long list of things I wanted to see and do, restaurants I wanted to eat at and streets and neighborhoods I wanted to explore! Less then 3 full days quickly seemed way to short to cross everything off my list but I’ll will give it a try!

So here’s what I have planned:






Stroll along:

  • the super cute Rue Cremieux


  • Macarons from Ladurée or Pierre Hermeé




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