Recap. A weekend in Rome.

I just returned from a weekend trip to Rome and it was everything (and more!) I imagined it to be:

weekend in Rome

I spent most of my time strolling through the city center and thereby seeing most of the main sights, such as the Colosseum (1), Piazza Venezia (2) & Monumento Vittorio Emanuele II (5), the Trevi Fountain (3), Castel Sant’Angelo & the Tiber River (4), the Spanish Steps (6), Campo dei Fiori and its market (7), Piazza Navona (8) and Piazza de Popolo (9) and the two shopping streets: Via del Corso and Via del Babuino.


I found Rome to be extremly beautiful: during my walks through the center I never came across a spot I didn’t like. There was either a church, a palace, a lively square, a fountain, a monument or some kind of ancient building. And between those there were narrow cobblestone streets with trattorias, bars or shops. I could have kept on wandering the streets of Rome for many more days!


I ventured out of the city center to Pigneto which the NY Times called “Rome’s Bushwick”, to Eataly near Via Ostiense and to Flaminio to visit the MAXXI Museum. Each of this trips were so worth it and showed me another side of Rome: modern, normal, hipper, rougher and less toffed up but nevertheless exciting and beautiful. I loved the Museum of Art of the XXI Century – a spectacular Zaha Hadid building with great exhibits. My trip to Pigneto was cut short because of bad weather and my limited time but I loved its hip restaurants and street art. In both cases I also loved getting there by tram! While Rome’s metro might be efficient and cheap, it is probably the ugliest, dirtiest and darkest metro I’ve ever seen! Only one station stood out to me: the Spagna station at the Spanish Steps which was full of great street art.


My hotel “The place in  Rome” was close to the central train station “Roma Termini” and super cheap (though it does get more expensive in spring & summer): I paid only 35€/night for a single room with my own bathroom, balcony and a simple but good breakfast. I highly recommend this place! I flew to Rome Ciampino Airport with RyanAir (30€ for the flights!). There are buses that connect the airport (as well as the other airport Fiumicino) from early morning until after midnight. The buses cost 4-6€ and the journey to Roma Termini takes about 40 minutes.

Eataly Rome

I definitely wanna go back to Rome someday to wander some more, eat all of the amazing food and visit all of the places I missed out on this time like the Vatican, Villa Borghese and the Roman Forum. Maybe the next trip to Rome will be combined with a stay at the Amalfi coast and in Naples? I’ve been dreaming about this for a long time…

(I didn’t bring my ‘real’ camera for this trip, all photos were taken with my iPhone 6 and edited with the new A Color Story app.)

3 thoughts on “Recap. A weekend in Rome.

  1. Absolutely you must visit the Vatican. The first time we sped through with the tour guide but decided to go back on our own and take our time… you could easily spend a whole week in there! And Amalfi, oh my, that may have been the highlight of the trip. Never forget eating dinner at the restaurant on the beach as the sun went down. The owner stayed open just for us Americans as it was too early for the locals to be eating! So glad I went when I did, I may never go back but I have my memories. Thanks for the great photos.

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