NYC. Sunny days.

Today is the first really hot and sunny day in Cologne, Germany and the first time I’m able to got to the park and lay in the sun this year. Hopefully it’ll stay like this for the next weeks and months, but I’m not holding my breath. Thankfully I got to enjoy some really sunny and warm days during my time in NYC last month and got my first taste of summer. Here’s where I like to spend those days while in New York:Bowery House rooftop garden

^^ The rooftop garden of the Bowery House where I stayed for the first 3 nights^^

Elizabeth Street Gerden

^^The nearby Elizabeth Street Garden ^^

Washington Square Park

^^Washington Square Park^^

Cherry Blossoms Roosevelt Island

^^ Cherry Blossoms on the promenade of Roosevelt Island^^

Central Park Sheeps Meadow

^^Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park^^

Central Park Bethesda Fountain

^^Bethesda Fountain in Central Park^^

Brooklyn Botanic Garden flowers

Brooklyn Botanic Garden NYC

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

^^ in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden ^^

Brooklyn Museum fountain

^^ the animated fountain outside the Brooklyn Museum^^Brooklyn Museum Plaza

Brooklyn Museum ^^ late afternoon at the Brooklyn Museum – I love this place! ^^

Prospect Park

^^the long meadow in Prospect Park^^Prospect Park Long Meadow


and: Gantry Plaza State Park in Queens, Coney Island and Brooklyn Bridge Park, Bryant Park, the High Line and Madison Square Park.


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