Los Angeles. A walk along the Venice Beach Canals. Part II

Venice Beach Canals 3Venice Beach Canals bridgeVenice Beach Canals 4During my last visit to Venice Beach I took a walk along the canals just like I did when I firt visited Venice Beach in 2012. I love the tranquillity of the neighborhood, the nature and looking at all those beautifuls houses, small or large, with different architectural styles. Most  of the houses have small boat on the canals, some of them a canoe, some a little rowboat and some even have a gondola or a swan paddleboat:

Venice Beach Canal swan boatVenice Beach Canals 8Venice Beach Canals 1Venice Beach Canals 5Venice Beach Canals 6

I love peeking inro their gardens and see the different kinds of plants, furniture and decoration:Venice Beach Canals CollageVenice Beacht Canals Collage

My favourite houses on the canals are:

3. This modern house with a pool:Venice Beach Canals house 4

2. This little white gem:Venice Beach Canals house

1. And the house with the huge tree full of lanterns:Venice Beach Canals 2

3 thoughts on “Los Angeles. A walk along the Venice Beach Canals. Part II

  1. This is one of my favorite places to walk… so peaceful and calming… and all the landscaping in the individual front yards is so delightful… maybe time for me to take another trip over there!

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