A long weekend in Paris.

ParisParis Last week I spent 5 days in Paris. Since I hadn’t been to Paris in about 15 years I did most of the touristy stuff, such as seeing the Eiffel Tower (1) and the Arc de Triomphe, walking down Champs Élysées (3) and along the Seine (5), visiting La Défense (4), Montmartre and Sacre Coeur (2). My Hotel was right in the center and made it easy for me to walk to most of the attractions. Paris GehryParis Centre Pompidou Friday was all about art and architecture. First I visited the newly opened Luis Vuitton Foundation (1) which was built by star architect Frank Gehry. I had read a lot about it beforehand (mostly negative reviews), so I thought I wouldn’t like it too much. But I was wrong! Say what you want, but I loved the building – especially it’s rooftop terrace (2). There were no temporary exhibitions when I visited so the admission was reduced to 9€ just to see the building and an exhibit of the building process. Later that day I went to the Centre Pompidou (5) to see even more of Gehry: his retrospective, which is on view until January. And again: I loved it. Seeing sketches and models (3) of many of his buildings was super interesting to me as well as the movie that was shown there: “Sketches of Gehry” by Sydney Pollack. Afterwards I went to see the Jeff Koons retrospective that is also on view at Centre Pompidou right now, but I didn’t like it at all. It felt like visiting a Toys’R’Us. One Jeff Koons artwork at a time is fun, but a room full of shiny-glittery-plastic crap was too much for me. Paris Promenade Plantee On Saturday -the only sunny day I had in Paris- I walked over to Place de la Bastille (1) and then along the Promenade Plantée (2). The Promenade Plantée was the first elevated park in the world – a park built on an abandoned railway viaduct, long before the High Line Park in New York was created. Paris art I also got to spent some time outside the center and far away from the touristy stuff: on Rue Oberkampf (2), in the Belleville neighborhood and at La Recyclerie (3) – an old railway station transformed into a restaurant, bar, café, farm and vegetable garden. It’s right at the last stop on Metro Line 4: Porte de Clignancourt.

3 thoughts on “A long weekend in Paris.

  1. I spent 5 days in Paris too… I had another trip booked which fell through and I ended up taking the train from London by myself. A friend met me in Paris and escorted me to my hotel but had to leave and after that I was totally on my own for the five days. It was so easy to get around on the Metro and on foot and as long as I said “bonjour” or “s’il vous plait” to people, they would speak to me in English (I don’t speak French). But I found if I started out by speaking English they would pretend not to understand! Enjoyed this post and now I want to go back and see all the places I missed!

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