New York. New York.

10th Avenue view

Manhattan Roosevelt Island Tram Central park south east Chrysler Building Comandante Biggie mural in Brooklyn

A few random NYC photos from my last trip back in March: 1. my all time favourite view from the High Line along 10th Avenue // 2. at the Roosvelt Island tram stop at 2nd Avenue and 59th // 3. Pigeons at Central Park South // 4. Chrysler Building // 5. Comandante Biggie mural at the Brooklyn Love Building at Fulton Street in Downtown Brooklyn // 6. a mural by JR and Jose Parla next to the High Line // 7. the Freedom Tower seen from Pier 51 // 8. the golden Sherman Monument at Grand Army Plaza // 9. Columbus Circle // 10. Time Warner Center

High Line JR mural Manhattan Pier view NYC Midtown

Columbus Circle TWC Columbus Circle

more uncategorized NYC pics: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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