Porto. Café Majestic.

Majestic Cafe Porto

Cafe Majestic Oporto

Porto is home to many places that can be considered the most beautiful of their kind: the train station Sao Bento, the bookshop Lello & Irmao, the bridge Ponte Luis I and last but not least: Cafe Majestic.

The café opened in 1921 under the name “Elite” on Portos shopping street Rua de Santa Caterina. After a renovation in 1992 the cafè and its rich art nouveau decoration are as beautiful as they used to be almost 100 years ago.

Cafe Majestic Portugal

“The Majestic Café is a wonderful place, where muses, thinkers and artists can get together to live the best moments life has to offer: simply sharing communication through words and gestures, glances smiles and even a few tears sometimes.”

Gloria Montenegro (President of the Paris Academy of Coffeeology)

Porto Cafe

more information: cafemajestic.com


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