Venice Beach. Like a dream I remember from an easier time…

Venice Boardwalk 1

Venice Beach 3

Boardwalk 2

Gingerbread Court

Venice Beach 1

Venice Beach Pier

“This is the end. This is as far as you can go. After this it all starts over again.”
Tony Hendra looking out over the Pacific


Marina del Rey

VeniceBeach waves

SUPB Venice

Venice bike path

Boardwalk 4

endangered species

Venice Windward

“The boardwalk is like the beating heart of America. You can be normal; you can be strange. It’s so rad.”¬† Sean O’Keefe

Venice Boardwalk

Venice Beach icon

Venice house 1

Venice pink house

Main Street

Venice Beach 10

Art Walls


“I might love a man, but I love Venice more.”¬† Anna Haag

Venice Sunset

*Quote in title taken from Jonas Nevers’ mural on the back of the Samesun Venice Beach Hostel.



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