NYC. Roosevelt Island.

Queensboro Bridge

While in NYC last March I choose to visit Roosevelt Island, a 2-miles-long island which lies in the East River between Manhattan and Queens.

Roosevelt Island Tram

To get to the island you can either take the subway to the Roosevelt Island stop (F train) or take the Roosevelt Island tram at 59th Street / 2nd Avenue. The tram crosses the East River next to the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge and the view from its cabins are just stunning. I made a little Instagram video:


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Roosevelt Island walk

From the tram station a promenade leads you to the southern end of the island and offers great views over the river and to the midtown skyline. It should be even prettier in spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

Midtown East River  Roosevelt Island NYC

Most of the southern part of the island is a park, Southpoint Park, which is quiet and peaceful and – again – offers beautiful views from its hills.

Roosevelt Island Hospital

Within Southpoint Park are the ruins of the former Smallpox Hospital which was built in 1856. It’ll open to the public as soon as the stabilization project is completed.

Roosevelt Island park

Looking over the East River to Long Island City in Queens with the Gantry Plaza State Park and the famous Pepsi Cola sign:

Roosevelt Island Long Island City view

Roosevelt Island view

Further south, at the tip of the island lies the brand new “Four Freedoms Park” which was unfortunately closed on the day I visited (a Tuesday).  I can’t wait to visit the park next time I’m in NYC.


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