Italy. Bologna.

Bologna church

Bologna centro

Bologna center

About one year ago I scored cheap tickets to Italy (with RyanAir from Frankfurt-Hahn) and spent 6 days exploring Bologna, Florence, Pisa, La Spezia and Cinque Terre. Bologna was my first stop and even though it’s without a doubt a beautiful city, I didn’t really enjoy it. Mostly because it was just the wrong time of the year to visit: it was often deserted, since the locals had left the city for summer vacation and the heat during the day was unbearable. At another time of the year I am sure Bologna is a great place to visit, especially for young people since over 80.000 of the 400.000 citizens are students.

Bologna fountain

Bologna houses

Bologna Italia

Bologna Italy

Bologna Snoopy

Bologna street

Bologna shopping street  Bologna square  Bologna tower

For a more positive review of Bologna you should check out 7 Things I Loved About Bologna (and Why I’ll be Back) on .

I stayed at the Hotel Imperial for which I paid 35€/night for my single room including breakfast. The hotel is located 4 km from the center, but a bus stops right in front of the hotel and connects it with the centre of Bologna.

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