Portugal. Lagos. Praia do Camilo.

Lagos Praia do Camilo 2 Lagos Praia do Camilo Portugal Lagos Praia do Camilo Camilo beach Lagos Portugal Lagos Camilo beach Portugal Praia do Camilo Whenever we’re in Lagos we’ll make it a priority to spend a day at Praia do Camilo. This small beach is located between the famous Praia Dona Ana and the lighthouse at Ponta da Piedade and offers everything you dream of when visiting the West Algarve: clear water, golden cliffs and spectacular rock formations. About 200 steps lead down to the main part of the beach, a small tunnel through the rocks connects to another, smaller part. Above the beach – with a great view over the ocean – sits the restaurant “O Camilo“, which unfortunately lost its rustic, simple charm due to a recent renovation. But the food and service is still as good as it always used to be and makes for a perfect ending of a long day at the beach. Praia do Camilo stairs Praiaq do Camilo seagulls Praia do Camilo Lagos Lagos Camilo

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