Italy . Florence. The Boboli Gardens.

Florence Italy Boboli Gardens statue

Florenz Boboli Garten

The Boboli Gardens (Giardino di Boboli) is a huge park behind the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Italy. I visited the park in the afternoon while looking for a place where I could escape the sun for a while. The great lawn of the park was a perfect spot to rest in the shade and enjoy the beautiful view over the city of Florence.

Florence Italia Boboli Gardens

The gardens, that date back to the 16th century, cover an area of 45,000 meters² uphill from the palace. Many sculptures, including Roman antiquities, are exhibited throughout the park, joining fountains and a grotto and making the park an open air museum.

The admission of about 10€ -which is too high for a park in my opinion- includes a few special exhibits, such as the Costume Gallery and the Porcelain Museum.

Florence Boboli

Florence Boboli Garden
Spiders lane
Florence Italy Boboli Garden
Cypress lane
Firenze Italia Boboli
the great lawn with an sculpture by Igor Mitorja
Florence Boboli Garden museum
the Porcelain Museum
BoBoli Garden
the view over the city
Florenz Boboli
the entrance of the park and Palazzo Pitti in the background

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