Bilbao. Mallona Stairs and Etxebarria Park.

Bilbao Oldtown_1174

Bilbao Mallona stairs

Bilbao Mallona Stairs 3

Bilbao street art

Bilbao Mallona stairs 2


From Plaza Unamuno in the old town (Casco Viejo) in Bilbao more than three-hundred steps lead up to the Basílica de Begoña and Etxebarria Park. The park, overlooking the old town and the Nervion River, was built in the 80s on the site of a former steel company and covers an area of 18.9 ha.

Etxebarria Park

Bilbao Etxebarria Park    Bilbao Nervion river

Bilbao Old Town from above


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