Venice Beach. Street Art. Part III.

Jim Morrison mural Venice Beach

^^ The famous Jim Morrison mural “Morning Shot”on Speedway by Rip Cronk. ^^

Venice Canals Streetart

Venice Streetart Main Street 3

Venice Streetart 1

Freedumb streetart Venice Beach

^^ “Freedumb” on Main Street by Jules Muck. ^^

Rose and Lincoln mural

^^ Abraham Lincoln and a Rose on the corner of Rose Avenue and Lincoln Blvd. ^^

Venice Kinese RIP Cronk mural

^^ “Venice Kinesis” from 2010 by Rip Cronk¬† ^^

Venice Streetart flowers  Venice Streetart mural 1

Venice Streetart Speedway 2

Venice Streetart Speedway 3

Venice Streetart Speedway

Venice Streetart Tazroc Jack Herer

^^ A tribute to Marijuana activist and author Jack Herer on Main Street by artist Tazroc ^^

Venice Streetart Westminster Speedway

Street Art in Venice Beach Part I and Part II.


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