Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Palm Trees

Santa Monica Community Garden

Santa Monica Library

Santa Monica Main Street

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Hotel

SM Palisades Park sunset

Santa Monica Beach sunset       Santa Monica sunset

During my stay in Venice Beach I walked over to Santa Monica every day. To visit the pier, 3rd Street Promenade and Santa Monica Place and the Bergamot Station. But mostly because I like the walk itself, whether it’s walking along the boardwalk and the bike path passing beautiful hotels and the original muscle beach or window shopping and people watching on Main Street or along the beach with my feet in the water, always walking towards the beautiful ferris wheel.

1. where Strand Street meets the beach // 2. Santa Monica Community Garden // 5. Santa Monica Branch Library // 4. little shops and cafes on Main Street // 5. Muscle Beach // 6. the Pier // 7.&8. Palisades Park // 9.&10. Santa Monica beach //

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