Venice Beach. Street Art. Part II.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Muscle Beach Mural

^^ A Arnold Schwarzenegger mural by Jonas Never on Speedway, right behind Muscle Beach, his former stomping ground. ^^

Dennis Hopper Mural Venice Beach Horizon and Main

^^ Dennis Hopper on the corner of Horizon and Main Street ^^

Venice Beach Gorilla Streetart

Venice Beach Streetart 4

Venice Beach Streetart 5

Venice Streetart 5

Venice Streetart 6

Venice Streetart 8

Venice Streetart Ballerina Clown

Venice Streetart Brooks Ave

^^ Hearts of Oak by Jesse Hazelip on Main Street ^^

Venice Streetart Brooks Pacific

Venice Streetart Main Street 1

Venice Streetart Main Street 2

Venice Streetart Rose Ave

Street art pictures from my last visit in 2012 can be found in this post.

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