Lisbon. The LX Factory.

LXFactory Lisbon After hearing about this new, creative island in Lisbon for quite a while, I finally managed to visit last year in May and I couldn’t wait to go back. My first visit was on a Sunday, when most of the shops were closed, so I was happy to go during the week this time and see everything the LX Factory has to offer. LXFactory main street Cantina LX Factory There are many eateries in the factory such as the Cantina (pictured above), an ice cream shop, a bakery and a Sushi restaurant. My favourite was the Cafè na Fabrica, where you can sit outside in the shade and enjoy snacks at beautiful long wooden tables. Cafe na Fabrica LXFactory shops Ler Devager LXFactory Among the many stores, the book store “Ler Devagar” clearly stands out. By size, architecture and design. An old printing press can be found upstairs as well as a Cafè on both floors. I bought the wonderful book “Lisbon in Pessoa” by Joao Correia Filho.Ler Devager LXFactory Kare LXFactory Lisboa Aside from shops and restaurants it houses offices of music, design or architecture companies, galleries and artists studios, therefore making it a mini-city and hipster-mecca within Lisbon. Every few month there will be an Open Day, where those businesses open to the public and the LX Factory will be open until 4am. Furthermore the LX Factory is always a good spot to see some (street) art:LXFactory street art LXFactory entrance Related articles

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