Italy. Cinque Terre. Vernazza.

Vernazza CT_2455

Vernazza was the second village I visited in Cinque Terre and the one I liked the least. Looking back and especially after looking at all the pretty (at least in my opinion) photos I took, I don’t exactly know why I didn’t like it. I probably visited at the wrong time: in the midday heat and when each and every person in Cinque Terre finally made it out of their homes and into the narrow streets of the villages. Vernazza was just too crowded. Furthermore I was longing for a dip in the water and Vernazza doesn’t have a real beach and climbing on rocks to get to the water (especially with the strong current on that day) just isn’t my thing. So I left Vernazza quickly and headed to Monterosso. Hopefully I’ll be back in Cinque Terre one day and I can give Vernazza the second chance it clearly deserves.

Vernazza CT_2441

Vernazza Collage 1

Vernazza Cinque Terre_2439

Vernazza Cinque Terre_2440

Vernazza Collage

Vernazza CT_2446

CT Vernazza_2469

CT Vernazza_2464  Vernazza CT_2459

Vernazza CT_2461


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