Portugal. Lisbon. Alfama.

Lisbon Alfama  066 Lisbon Alfama  069 Lisbon Alfama  070 Lisbon Alfama  075  Lisbon Alfama 021 Lisbon Alfama 061 Lisbon AlfamaLisbon Alfama  076Lisbon Alfama 047

[Just a few photos I took in the Alfama after I visited the flea market “Feira da Ladra” on my trip to Portugal last year in May. I’ll be back in Lisbon in September and am already counting down the days. 🙂 ]

4 thoughts on “Portugal. Lisbon. Alfama.

  1. Hi All,

    The fifth picture, the 28 Tram, is a icon of Lisbon and one of the best ways to know Lisbon.

    The sixth picture is beautiful, though most foreigners might be amazed on the actual state of some of the oldest buildings in Lisbon.

    Take the opportunity of making some publicity about another site about Lisbon http://www.travelerslisbon.com , hope you like it

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