germany. bonn. cherry blossoms in the old town.

cherry blossoms in bonn_2050 cherry blossoms in bonn_2048 about two weeks ago one of my facebook friends posted this artcle about 22 unbelievable places that really exsist. one of those places is a street lined with cherryblossom trees in bonn, germany; and since bonn is “just around the corner” (about 30 minutes by tram) from my home, i knew i had to go there and see it for myself. the pictured street in the article is “heerstrasse” in the old town of bonn and nearby is a similar street: “breite strasse”. they are quiet, cobble stoned one-way-streets which are  not only lined with cherryblossoms, but also with beautiful old houses, quirky shops, cute cafes, international restaurants and even some street art. needless to say: i loved it and it was well worth a visit (even though my photos can not compare to the one in the article). cherry blossoms in bonn_2053 cherry blossoms in bonn_2054 cherry blossoms bonn heerstrasse_2067 cherry blossoms bonn heerstrasse_2070 cherry blossoms bonn heerstrasse_2072 cherry blossoms bonn heerstrasse_2063 all photos above are from heerstrasse, all photos below from breite strasse cherry blossoms bonn breite strasse_2085 cherry blossoms bonn breite strasse_2086 cherry blossoms bonn breite strasse_2090 cherry blossoms bonn breite strasse_2095

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