germany. a day in duisburg.


niki de saint phalles fountain “lifesaver” on one of duisburgs main shopping streets. unfortunately the water was turned off due to the cold weather when i visited.


the lehmbruck museum – a museum for modern art and sculptures.


the museum is located in the immanuel-kant-park, which is filled with over 40 sculptures by artists like henry morre, magdalena abakanowicz, alf lechner and others.




duisburgs’s old port got a “face lift” and is now home to many offices, parks, museums and restaurants.IMG_0645


“garten der erinnerung” – a park next to the port, created in 1999 combines nature, art and remains of buildings which once stood there.IMG_0647IMG_0655

a sculpture by bernar venet outside the theater in the city center.IMG_0656

[i visited tiger & turtle – magic mountain on that same day.]

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