düsseldorf. a visit to schloss benrath and its park.

Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf 0357

Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf_0356

[last month when i spent a day in düsseldorf my first stop was the beautiful rococo palace in the benrath neighborhood. it consists of three buildings: the main building ‘corps de logis’ and two smaller ones left and right (one hosting a museum for garden art, the other a museum of natural history). in front of the palace a lake and behind it a huge park. the whole place has been proposed to become a unesco world heritage site.]

Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf_0359

Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf_0367

Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf_0371

Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf_0374

Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf_0382

Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf_0387

Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf_0398

Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf_0407

more information on: www.schloss-benrath.de/en/

more from düsseldorf: medienhafen with frank gehry's "neuer zollhof" and rosali's flossis. another beautiful palace i visited last month: schloss augustusburg in brühl.

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