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Guggenheim Bilbao_0755

“When it opened in 1997, the Frank Gehry–designed Guggenheim Museum Bilbao—a spectacular structure made of titanium, glass, and limestone—was hailed as the most important building of its time. Located in the Basque city of Bilbao in northern Spain, the museum features exhibitions organized by the Guggenheim Foundation and by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, as well as selections from the permanent collection of the Guggenheim Museums.” source

Guggenheim Bilbao 124Guggenheim Bilbao 125

Guggenheim Bilbao_1835



[i had set my mind on visiting the guggenheim in bilbao since i saw gehry’s walt disney concert hall in los angeles last year. luckily ryanair offers super cheap flights from düsseldorf/weeze to bilbao – i paid only 19,99€.

i had high expectations, since i love every gehry building i’ve seen so far, and the guggenheim didn’t disappoint. the building is really beautiful,from outside as well as inside. my favorite time to admire it was in the late afternoon, when the sun set and the light made the building look golden, instead of silver during the day.

even though i had read some bad reviews about the museum itself, i really enjoyed it too, especially the permanent installation of richard serra’s “the matter of time”.]

Guggenheim Bilbao_1838

Guggenheim Bilbao_1839

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