nyc. brooklyn. williamsburg. abandoned building. II.

williamsburg abandoned bldg 01i first found this building -on the corner of kent and metropolitan avenues in williamsburg- last year in march (click here to see my post from back then). so when i came back to ny, i had to visit it again to see if it still exists. it obviously does! and it is still all kinds of awesome, full of colour and covered with street art. see for yourself:williamsburg abandoned bldg 02williamsburg abandoned bldg 03williamsburg abandoned bldg 04williamsburg abandoned bldg 05williamsburg abandoned bldg 07williamsburg abandoned bldg 13williamsburg abandoned bldg 14williamsburg abandoned bldg 15williamsburg abandoned bldg 17williamsburg abandoned bldg 19williamsburg abandoned bldg 20williamsburg abandoned bldg 21williamsburg abandoned bldg 22

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