2012. 2 of my travel highlights.

venice beach 1

visiting Venice Beach

as i said before: i fell in love with venice beach the second i got there. this place is so special and i can’t wait to go back. unfortunately my bank account won’t allow me to do that anytime soon, but i’ll keep dreaming of it. my best memories of the 3 days i spent there are definitely the walks along the canals, listening to musicians on the boardwalk  brunch on abbot kinney road and checking out all the awesome street art there is.

venice beach 2


rockaway beach

the best day I ever had in NYC

sunday, september 9th was one of the best days of this year and the best day i ever spent in nyc. i left my room in crown heights early in the morning to take the subway to rockaway beach and it was the perfect weather to do so. one of the last hot days before the cold winds of fall came to the city. i spent the whole morning walking along the boardwalk, watching people and of course lying on the beach. around 2 i took the subway to dumbo to check out smorgasburg at the old tobacco warehouse on it’s opening day. having a grilled cheese from milktruck while enjoying the view of the manhattan skyline was worth leaving the beach early. afterwards i walked to the old fulton landing and took the east river ferry up the river to long island city in queens to go to gantry plaza state park and chill some more (what a lazy day it was!). later on i hopped on a train to manhattan and spent the evening at madison square park, watching the us open, seeing charles long’s installion “pet sounds” and eating a shake shack burger.

manhattan, brooklyn and queens, parks, art, the best food, the beach, a ferry ride, awesome skyline views and pure lazyness- all in one day. it was perfect.

best day nyc


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