spain. sevilla. shots from around town.

sevilla 1

sevilla university 1Sevilla 3Sevilla 9

murillo torre d orosevilla view sevilla bridge herculesSevilla 4Sevilla 7

1. the view over the guadalquivir river to triana / 2. the university, which used to be a tobacco factory / 3.  & 4. in center and on one of the shopping streets / 5. the entrance to the alcazar / 6.  torre del oro / 7. columbus monuments in the murillo gardens / 8. the view from torre del oro / 9. the triana bridge crossing the guadalquivir / 10.  alameda de hercules / 11. a house close to maria louisa park / 12. little street in santa cruz / 13. top of the cathedral and la giralda


4 thoughts on “spain. sevilla. shots from around town.

  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! A few years ago I’ve visited Sevilla. I love Sevilla and I hope to come back again soon.

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