nyc. chelsea. art on and around the high line.

the high line in new york is not only a park which is perfect for a long walk (in summer and winter), it also offers great food, amazing views and lots of public art. some of it comissioned and produced by high line art, some of it street art on buildings nearby, some of it permanent, some of it only on view for short time.

here’s what i saw when i visited last september:

spencer finch’s “the river that flows both ways” is a permanent installation at the chelsea market passage.

“Inspired by the Hudson River, Spencer Finch’s The River That Flows Both Waysdocuments a 700-minute (11 hours, 40 minutes) journey on the river in a single day. The title is a translation of Muhheakantuck, the Native American name for the Hudson that refers to the river’s natural flow in two directions. … From a tugboat drifting on Manhattan’s west side and past the High Line, Finch photographed the river’s surface once every minute. The color of each pane of glass was based on a single pixel point in each photograph and arranged chronologically in the tunnel’s existing steel mullions.  …” more information


at 25th street brazilian street artist kobra created a colorful mural based on the photograph of a sailor kissing a nurse on times square in 1945 (v-j day in times square by alfred eisenstaedt).


more street art next to the high line around 30th street.


the high line billboard at 10th avenue and 18th street showed an artwork by elad lassry. from the high line blog: “It’s a new work by Los Angeles-based artist Elad Lassry titled Women (065, 055). The work features two young women, both dressed alike, gazing out of two small portholes into a sea of green. Detached from any visual history or context, the image is both mesmerizing and elusive. It highlights the very act of observing and being observed and allows visitors to create their own conceptual space and visual context for the image. …”


the “lying figure” by thomas houseago under the standard hotel remains on view through march 14th.

more information can be found here.


the group exhibition “lilliput” features sculptures by six different artists. the miniature sculptures are displayed throughout the high line and will remain on view through april 14th.

more information an a map of the works’ locations can be found here.

1. monkeys on the 23rd street seating steps: francis upritchard’s “the seduction” / 2. alessandro pessoli’s “old singer with blossoms”  / 3. & 4. two  of the four dinos by erika verzutti


a remaining part of the high line zoo by artist jordan betten. (


the “urban rattle” by charles hewitt is installed in the courtyard of the residential building ten23 and can be seen from the 23rd street lawn and seating steps.


one of the friendly high line neighbors. 😉


two transformed storage containers situated at the beginning of the rail yards (the soon-to-be section 3 of the high line): “alive-nesses: proposal for adaption” by charles mary kubricht.

“Charles Mary Kubricht has transformed park storage containers located on the High Line at the Rail Yards. The High Line at the Rail Yards is located between West 30th and West 34th Streets, and the installation is on view from the northern end of the park, near West 30th Street. Kubricht’s installation is inspired by dazzle, a type of protective design and coloration on animals described by Abbott Thayer in America and developed into military camouflage by Norman Wilkinson in Great Britain during World War I. Dazzle camouflage was used to confuse the enemy by disguising the ships and complicating the tracking of the ship’s movement. For the High Line, the artist will paint black and white disruptive patterns on park storage containers, altering the view of these large structures from the northern end of the High Line. …” read more


a huge mural by french street artist JR right behind the high line’s radial bench near 30th street. the mural is part of JR’s lakota project in nyc, more information can be found here.


all of this pictures were taken in september. the art on and around the park changes frequently, so be sure to check out the high line website for new information or an updated map for a self guided tour.


more public art in nyc: here, here, here and here.

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