lisbon. metro. oriente station. art underground.

by erro from iceland
by abdoulaye konate from mali

the metro in lisbon has always been one of my favorite subway systems. it’s efficient, modern, fast and clean. and most of the stations are designed by internationally known artist or feature their artworks. one of the most interesting stations is “oriente”, part of the gare do oriente – the new transportation hub built for the expo in 1998. the oriente station features 10 tile murals by artist from all over the world corresponding to the theme of the expo “the oceans, a heritage for the future”.

by antonio segui from argentina
by yayoi kusama from japan
by zao wou-ki from china
by friedensreich hundertwasser from austria

oriente is the station serving the expo ’98 area “parque das nacoes” which is filled with attractions – such as the oceanarium, a casino and a shopping center- as well as many parks (this is my favourite), cafes, restaurants and a lot of public art (see my post here).

by joaquim rodrigo from portugal
by arthur boyd from australia
by sean scully from ireland

(not pictured: a tile mural by syed haider raza from india)


more art underground: in new york (here and here)

more yayoi kusama art: here and here

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