miami. south beach. botanical garden.

“The mission of the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is to provide free public access to an attractive botanical garden, create environmental education programs for children and adults, preserve green space, and promote green living. We serve as a venue for visual and performing arts, and act as a cultural tourist destination. …” source

“The Bigfoot Sculpture by French/Israeli sculptor Idan Zareski is a world traveler. His journey began in Latin America and continues through North America as he heads to Europe, Asia and his ultimate destination in Antarctica. With its African roots, and Latin American genealogy, Bigfoot is peaceful call of hope, for unity amongst the human race. His huge feet symbolize the roots of humanity on our fragile planet. Given his size and relaxed attitude, Big Foot encourages us to contemplate man’s role on Earth, and racial and cultural differences. The peaceful African with big feet also bares witness to human stupidity. It carries the odors of mass deportations, forced labor, slavery and abuse that Africans, Jews, and American Indians and other cultures have suffered throughout history. If the arts are truly a hope for a better world, Bigfoot is a messenger chosen to carry the task. Keep on walking barefoot Bigfoot…” source

“This tranquil corner of the garden is defined by a red lacquered bridge spanning a quiet pond dotted with water lilies (Nymphaea spp.). Stone lanterns stand amongst the plantings based on the principles of feng shui, where specific orientation and placing of certain elements helps to capture the energy and spirit of nature. Significant plantings here include the red powder puff shrub (Calliandra haematocephala), golden trumpet tree (Tabebuia caribea), and various types of tropical bamboo.” source

the garden (2000 convention center drive, south beach, miami) is free of admission and open from tuesday to sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

all information is taken from the garden’s webite:

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