nyc. i heart you.

dekalb market in downtown brooklyn – a market made of old shipping containers

one of the little bronze sculptures by tom otterness at the 14th street / 8th avenue subway station

a visit to coney island on a rainy afternoon

lower manhattan seen from brooklyn bridge park

at rockaway beach


“And it was to this city, whenever I went home, that I always knew I must return, for it was mistress of one’s wildest hopes, protector of one’s deepest privacies. It was half insane with its noise, violence, and decay, but it gave one the tender security of fulfillment. On winter afternoons, from my office, there were sunsets across Manhattan when the smog itself shimmered and glowed… Despite its difficulties, which become more obvious all the time, one was constantly put to the test by this city, which finally came down to its people; no other place in America had quite such people and they would not allow you to go stale; in the end they were its triumph and its reward.”

― Willie Morris


found next to 5pointz

relaxing in a hammock at gantry plaza state park

cloud city by tomas saraceno at the rooftop garden of the met

a mural by JR next to the high line

the tribute in light seen from brooklyn heights

[these are my favorite pictures from my week in nyc. its been less than 2 weeks since i left and i already miss it.]

quote via honschar’s facebook page

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