germany. cologne. more streetart.

heaven or hell? – a garage door in ehrenfeld

at design quartier ehrenfeld

another little lucy by el bocho in ehrenfeld

selber terror – at agnesviertel

another one found in ehrenfeld

on zülpicher strasse

a piece by ROA near hansaring

found on körner strasse

el bocho on marienstrasse

a late night find on luxemburger strasse

manga style found near the university

by les enfants terribles on venloer strasse

signs by captain borderline

hula hoop girl on heliosstrasse – my favorite right now 

more street art from cologne: here, here, here and here.


5 thoughts on “germany. cologne. more streetart.

  1. What a cool set! I was especially struck by the first photo, “It’s your choice.” I always thought of Germany as a relatively secular country (though I’ve never been there, for full disclosure). Do you know the story behind this artwork? What’s the general sentiment toward religion in Germany? I’m sure it varies by region and by individual, but generally speaking…

  2. Sorry for replying so late. As far as I remember the “Hevean or hell” artwork was at a house where a company that paints garage doors is. It is probably an advertising for them and supposed to be nothing more than an eye-catcher. (just guessing, I couldn’t find any information)

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