nyc. manhattan. public art.

mark di suvero – joie de vivre

location: zucotti park, between broadway, trinity place, liberty street and cedar street, financial district

about: “Mark di Suvero’s “Joie de Vivre” anchors the southeast corner of Zuccotti Park, located near One Liberty Plaza at Broadway and Liberty Street. The 70-foot-tall sculpture was donated to New York City by Agnes Gund, president of the Museum of Modern Art, and her husband Daniel Shapiro. Originally set in Tribeca at the Holland Tunnel rotary, it has been exhibited in Paris at the Esplanade des Invalides, near Pont Alexandre II bridge and at Storm King Center, New York. …” source


john seward johnson II – double check

location: zucotti park, between broadway, trinity place, liberty street and cedar street, financial district

about:¬†“…Double Check (1982), a statue of a man checking his briefcase, formerly located in Liberty Plaza Park across from the World Trade Center. Photographs of the damaged and dust-covered statue, part of a building developer’s required display, were among the photographs taken following the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001. A restored statue has been returned to the now-renamed Zuccotti Park and the area has been opened to the public. The statue has been decorated by Occupy Wall Street protesters.” source: wikipedia


jeff koons – balloon flower (red)

location: outside 7 WTC, 250 greenwich street, financial district

about: “…Featured in the fountain area is a sculpture by renowned artist Jeff Koons, entitled Balloon Flower (Red). The mirror-polished stainless-steel sculpture represents a twisted balloon in the shape of a flower that has been enlarged to monumental scale. Since 1995, Mr. Koons has created Balloon Flower in five versions: blue, magenta, yellow, orange, and red. Balloon Flower was always intended for display in a public place that would allow it to engage the viewer. Its mirror-polished surface is intended to attract onlookers to the piece, at which point their reflected images become part of the work itself. The forms are familiar, but no matter how recognizable they may be to viewers, they will be presented here in a completely new way. Balloon Flower is part of the series known as Celebration, consisting of 20 sculptures and 16 paintings. Many works of Celebration are inspired by a child’s playroom: a balloon dog, a mound of Play-Doh, party favors, etc.” source


kristin jones & andrew ginzel – metronome

location: one union square south, union square, manhattan

about: “The elements that compose Metronome refer to and are very much a part of the place where the work exists: Union Square in the City of New York. … Left of the vertical brick center, on the glass fa√ßade of the building is a horizontal clock with pairs of digits that accurately display the hours, minutes and seconds that have passed since midnight, as well as the time remaining in a 24-hour period. Like an hourglass that contains a specific measure of sand, the digital time piece counts up on the left and down on the right, measuring both the sum and the balance of the day. The center three digits are a frenzy of intangible fractions of seconds, which reveal the pace of life in the city. …” source


Frederic-Auguste Bertholdi – statue of liberty

location: 667 madison avenue, upper east side, manhattan



more public art in nyc: here, here and here (still on view until september)

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