los angeles. santa monica. on & around the pier. part 2.

[i wanted to see the santa monica pier ever since i saw david lachapelle’s movie “RIZE”. for those that haven’t seen it: RIZE is documentation about krump and clown dancers in los angeles . one of my favorite scenes shows one of the main cast dancing on the beach during sunset to christina aguiliera’s “soar” with the santa monica pier and the illuminated ferris wheel in the background (here’s the movie trailer and at 1:30  is a shot from that scene). anyway, when I flew to LA last march I didn’t really think about visiting santa monica until I got to my hostel in venice beach and saw the ferris wheel from afar. so the next day i walked along the beach towards the pier. i enjoyed the quietness in the morning, when the pacific park is still closed and only fishermen and surfer are around and loved the afternoon, when it seemed like whole LA is on the pier. what an awesome place the pier is and walking from venice to the ferris wheel with my feet in the ocean: one of the best memories of this trip.]

part 1 of my santa monica pier pictures is here

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