germany. cologne. a visit to museum ludwig.

i visited the museum ludwig last week – for the first time, even though it is kind of around the corner from my apartment. embarrassing. from now on i will visit more frequently, because it’s pretty awesome:

“In 1976, the donation of approximately 300 works of art from the collection of Irene and Peter Ludwig prompted the foundation of the „Museum Ludwig“. With this, the City of Cologne created an independent institution for the art of the 20th century, whereby the significant Modern Art Collections of the Wallraf Richartz Museum, especially the Haubrich Collection of German Expressionism, were integrated into the new museum.

The new and highly impressive building near the Cologne Cathedral was completed in 1986 and also houses the Cologne Philharmonic Hall and the Wallraf Richartz Museum. When the Wallraf-Richartz Museum moves to its new premises at the end of the year 2000, the entire exhibition space of the building complex on the Rhine will be made available solely to the „Museum Ludwig“.

The works of art from the Ludwig Collection are focused around three central positions, which contribute to the classification of the Museum Ludwig among the most significant institutions for the art of the 20th century worldwide. The Museum holds, for example, the most comprehensive collection of early Russian Avant-Garde artworks outside of Russia. In addition, American and British Pop Art is represented with countless examples of outstanding importance. In 1994, Irene and Peter Ludwig made a spectacular donation of 90 works by Pablo Picasso. This was complemented by additional loans of works by the Spanish master, so that, today, all periods of his extensive oeuvre are represented in the Museum Ludwig in an exemplary fashion. Finally, the museum also boasts a significant collection of Contemporary German Art of excellent quality.” source

on view right now is “claes oldenburg: the sixties”, an exhibit of his art from the late 50’s to the mid seventies. more information can be found here here;  one of his large-scale works “dropped cone” can be found in the center of cologne (see my post here).

the museum is located next to the central train station, the cathedral, the old town and the rhine and offers some great views.

// for more information:


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