germany. cologne. sculpture garden.

[i visited the sculpture garden last week, while i had some days off and played tourist in my hometown. the park’s exhibit gets rearranged every two years; right now kölnskulptur#6 is on view, consisting of almost 50 artworks.]

the park cafe with michael sailstorfer’s “hoher besuch-köln” (2009) on top and hubert kiecol’s “acht helle” (2011):


“kölner reihe”: 7 works by different artists arranged by florian slotawa…

…including “: joel shapiro’s “untitled” (1996/99), martin willing’s “quadratschichtung, zweiachsig, wachsend” (1999/2000), mark di suvero’s “racine du naos” (1996), günther förg’s “ohne titel” (1997), tobias rehberger’s “unmögliche schönheit (schattig)” (1999) …

… and anish kapoor’s “untitled” (1997) und james lee byars’ “untitled (sigmund freud)” (1989):

sou fujimoto’s “garden gallery” (2011) with paul suter’s “orchis” (1977):

rosemarie trockel’s “arc de triomphe” (2006) seen from inside the garden gallery:

barry flanagan’s “large mirror nijinski”  (1993):

1. mauro staccioli’s “untitled” (1999) / 2. thomas kiesewetter’s “broken butterflies (version 1)” (2010) / 3. bernar venet’s “four arcs of 235,5” (1999) / 4. olaf holzapfel’s “interesse an allerlei formen von Datenumwandlung” (2011):

dirk skreber’s “reaktor” (2009):

the sculpture garden is located next to the zoo and the botanic garden and is open daily from 10.30 am to 7 pm .

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