germany. a day in düsseldorf.

in the old town of düsseldorf
some awesome street art found while strolling along the rhine from the old town to medienhafen
rheinturm & energiepyramide
medienhafen with the rheinturm (rhine tower) in the background, frank gehry’s “neuer zollhof” and a cocktail at “meerbar”

[i am having few days off from work and am enjoying the fabulous weather we’re finally having to the fullest. i decided to use those days to be a tourist in my own town, as well as in cities near by. so yesterday i spent a day in düsseldorf, mostly in the old town and at the medienhafen. sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, i mostly used my phone camera which is just not a good one.  i took some more pics with my point&shoot at medienhafen, especially of frank gehry’s amazing building “neuer zollhof” which i’ll post as soon as i’ll find the time. i’m instagraming most of my phone pics and will be happy if you would like to follow: @ninabcbl]


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