lisbon. alfama. feira da ladra.

feira da ladra (thieves market) is a flea market dating back to the 13th century, held in lisbon’s neighborhood alfama every tuesday and saturday.

[i visited the feira da ladra during my stay in lisbon in may. whenever i’m in a city i try to visit the local flea market (or any kind of market), because it is perfect for people watching, eating local food and buying souveniers, far away from the usual touristy places. my favourite flea market ever might be the brooklyn flea in nyc. the wonderful LXFactory hosts a flea market every sunday along their main road, so if you’re ever in lisbon, you should definitely stop there, too.]

[my 2 favourite photos from this visit are in this post]

feira da ladra is held at campo de santa clara, located in the alfama, behind the sao vicente de fora curch and next to the national pantheon santa engracia. best way to get there is taking the tram 28 to sao vicente de fora; the flea starts right after the arco de sao vicente.  the flea takes place every tuesday from 7am till 2 pm and saturdays from 7am until 6pm.

Feira da Ladra

4 thoughts on “lisbon. alfama. feira da ladra.

  1. Just a quick FYI: Everyone translates “Feira da Ladra” to “Thieve’s Market” because “Ladra” means female thief but the name of the market derives from “ladro”, a type of flea or bug most commonly found in wooden items.

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