nyc. manhattan. fashion kiosk.

“The Fashion Center Information Kiosk makes it easy to track down the companies and products you’re looking for. An award-winning service provided by the Fashion Center Business Improvement District and conveniently located on Fashion (7th) Avenue and 39th Street, the Kiosk is the first fully-staffed, walk-in information center to provide sourcing information and industry-related services to fashion professionals, students, hobbyists, visitors, and shoppers.

Located in the heart of the Fashion District, the octagonal Kiosk was designed by Pentagram Architectural Services and was awarded the 1995 Art Commission Award for Public Architecture. This unique Claes Oldenburg-inspired structure incorporates the world’s largest button appended to the structure’s roof, held upright by a 31-foot-long steel needle. …” source

next to the fashion kiosk is “the garment worker”, a statue of a jewish tailor by judith weller.

the fashion center information kiosk is located at 553 7th avenue (at 39th street) and open monday-friday from 10 am to 4 pm.

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